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      Easy and funny messaging
      A new way to communicate: with the EMS new standard, you will download and exchange icons, smiley, ring tones with your friends quickly and easily.The messaging function benefits as well of the most efficient features: predictive text input, predefined messages, and the possibility to enter distribution list for group mailing.

      Let’s talk about comfort: 99g, 87cc, the One TouchTM 310-311 is really light and small, still you will enjoy a comfortable keypad and a large display (up to 6 lines of text).

      Like all our mobile phones, the One TouchTM 310-311 is especially pleasant to handle and the zoom capability* will even bring you more ease of use. The battery life will ensure you up to 6 hours of conversation and up to 260 hours of talk time. A 3-position driveKeyTM, the handsfree function, a vibrating system all the features that you expect from a mobile phone that will ease your life. What’s more you will benefit from the enhanced directory: enter 3 numbers by file, and classify your files under three contact groups, with a specific ring tone each.

      A range of colourful front panels to suit everybody’s taste: from discreet dark grey to bright red, from deep blue to acid green…, choose yours!

      Or just let your mood and inspiration run wild, sports, animals, seasons… with the insert molding front panels you will find the look of your dream to match the One TouchTM 310-311 to your day to day feelings. Personalize your welcome screen, download special buzzer melodies, create your own One TouchTM 310-311.

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